For nearly three decades, Hollywood Beautification Team (HBT) has provided surrounding
neighborhoods in Los Angeles with a range of improvement services and environmental education and
support. Hollywood Beautification Team, also known as Los Angeles Beautification Team, works on a
range of initiatives, from the removal of 3 million square feet of graffiti every year to extensive water
conservation education and activism.

A 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, HBT implements a number of tree and native plant species initiatives
via City plants, including planting 1,500 trees annually. The organization provides free trees to Los
Angeles residents, including both street trees and trees for the yard. HBT also provides award-winning
planting services at local schools, such as Eagle Rock Elementary.

As a nonprofit, HBT relies on the support of community donors such as the East Hollywood Business
Improvement District, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses. Furthermore, HBT
works tirelessly to inspire Los Angeles youth to improve their neighborhoods and schools, recalling the
nationally recognized organization’s grassroots origins.


Sharyn Romano